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Our head tutor's tips, tricks and thoughts for all your SAT, ACT, and US College Prep needs.

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ACT Reading: Could speed-reading help you?

Elizabeth von Nardroff

The ACT Reading Section can be difficult for slow readers. You’ve got only 35 minutes to read the passages and answer 40 questions. If you’re a naturally fast reader, this can seem doable – otherwise, it poses a challenge. Speed reading practice might be for you. While you don’t need to do so much to get up to a real ‘speed-reading proficiency’ (1000+ words per minute!), any increase in speed will be helpful. I recommend this free brochure from

It offers advice such as using your finger to keep a faster pace and trying not to ‘read out loud’ in your head, as well as others. With some daily practice, you should be reading more quickly and with better comprehension!