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Application Consultation

We can provide the expert knowledge, guidance and support to secure your place at a top US university.

In need of US college application advice?

To those unfamiliar with the US higher education system, the task of applying to university in the US can seem a daunting and complex process. Our application adviser Julia is well placed to provide any potential US applicants with all the expert knowledge, guidance and support they need to succeed.

Past students of hers have been accepted to Stanford, Princeton, Yale, MIT, Harvard, Dartmouth, Northwestern and many others.


Consultation Fees

Preliminary Consultation | £250.00

Includes all the services listed here.

Subsequent Consultation | £120 per hour

Services on Offer

Preliminary Consultation

  • Explanation of the basics of the US university system and admissions process.
  • Provision of timeline of what needs to be done when.
  • Explanation of admissions tests and how to prepare and register for these.
  • Assessment of student’s academic record and extracurricular talents.
  • Guidance on appropriate sources for researching US universities.
  • Identifying universities /colleges that best ‘fit’ student’s individual strengths and interests.
  • Explanation of the role of the student’s school in the application process.

Subsequent Consulation

  • Review and analysis of final college selection
  • Merits or otherwise of making an ‘early’ application
  • Advice on suitable topics for Application essays and review of essays once completed
  • Guidance to student’s school regarding requirements for completing student’s references and secondary school report
  • Instruction on completion of the Common Application form
  • Guidance on acceptance or deferral offers once applications have been submitted

Meet your Application Advisor

Julia Douglas

Julia holds a master’s degree from the University of London and a postgraduate diploma in Careers Guidance. She has worked as a guidance counsellor for many years, initially in highly selective state schools in the county of Kent and in the second part of her career at Sevenoaks School, a prestigious independent school reknownedfor its innovative approach to education and its wholehearted commitment to the International Baccalaureate.

Here she was assigned responsibility as Head of US and international applications dealing with all university applications outside the UK, the vast majority of which were to the US and Canada.  During her ten year period tenure in this post there was a threefold increase in the number of students applying to the US and elsewhere outside the UK, notably Hong Kong, Ireland and some European countries.

As a result of this experience, Julia has a wealth of invaluable knowledge and expertise to offer any UK based student who is planning to apply to university in the US. She can provide a timeline of what needs to be done when, advise on preparation and registration for SATs or ACTs, offer guidance as to how to go about making college choices, provide help with writing application essays and instructions on how to use the Common Application website. Lastly and equally importantly she can advise school careers advisers on the role that is expected of them in the application process.

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